Blue van Meer [part IV​]​: 'semantic satiation' (remastered)

by tbi

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this is the end.

the 'Blue van Meer Mystery Sequence' concludes with a discourse on loss, loneliness, and the endless pursuit of answers.

"Semantic satiation (also semantic saturation) is a psychological phenomenon in which repetition causes a word or phrase to temporarily lose meaning for the listener, who then processes the speech as repeated meaningless sounds."

use of headphones recommended.

~*~!~ PRESS ~!~*~

"Nice combo of cloud rap instrumentals and other textures/ambiance." - KILLED in CARS

"The choir of the swarm." - I Want to Put Something in Your Ear

"soft grunge is officially a music genre! beautifully surreal music from portland" - Venus + Mars


released March 28, 2013

tracklengths were determined by crowdsourcing via various social media outlets, one word-of-mouth, and one text message.
Thank You: Erin, Nikk, Nicholas, Mathew, Bailey, Todd, Clay, Natasha, Alex, Robert, Hanna, Mita, Megan, Therese, Sandra, Lauren.

d. schultz: vox, contact mic, acoustic guitar, GarageBand drum processing, electric guitar, GarageBand synth processing

acoustic guitar and vocals each recorded live in one take.

recorded 11 March 2013
mixed late March 2013
at coattrack HQ, Portland OR
by d. schultz

cover model & photographer: Lainie Davenport





tbi Portland, Oregon

tbi =
[troubled by insects]
[total body immolation]
[traumatic brain injury]
[true blind inebriation]
[the backhanded initiation]
[this blunt intercourse]
[total bent isolation]
[this brutal instinct]
... more

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Track Name: Beautiful Furniture
Tell me again: "Everything seems to be in
Track Name: Legendary Fragile Teen Gang
Only whispers here for solace. Goodnight.
Track Name: Sexting James Franco
"I am a victim of telephone." [- Allen Ginsberg]
Track Name: Beta Presents: Shot By Kern
You are a slight variation on a theme. I was a frightening curveball in your dreams. We should all sleep so easy, could we all love so completely.
Track Name: Second Billing
You are my lust, evening and weekends. Table for one; candlelight. You are a basement curled up in my soul, blinded by the twilight. Romantic. Semantic.
Track Name: Gunge Over Glitter
Listen, listen hard. Give the man your card. Drink enough for two. Plan my afternoon. Watch my shit sell out. Collapse on the couch. My hi-fi.